Anonymous BitCoin Faucets Surf by Mr_KrzYch00 [ABFSurf]

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency You can collect and spend for various items, sell them for cash on exchanges or cashout / charge using Bitcoin ATM machines.

Consider them points You can earn online by doing various tasks but they are service independant. This way You are free to chose what You'll do later with these "points". Some services directly accept Bitcoin even in Get Paid To industry, like Traffic Swirl or GPTchat.

To start using Bitcoins first You need to pick a wallet. There are basically two major types of wallets: Local Wallet and Online Wallet. The Local Wallet turns You into "a small bank" where You can create as many Bitcoin numbers as You want and easly use it as backend if You plan to build a service that will utilise Bitcoin transfers. In this case You need to trust Yourself and Your computer.
The Online Wallet, however, is mostly protected by login and password and You need to trust online service to keep Your Bitcoins safe. Some Online Wallets also allow to build backend on them to send bitcoins automatically by Your service, example of such wallets is Blockchain.

The value of Bitcoin is as of now OVER $200 and there were times when it hit $1,000 per Bitcoin. Some spend them right away, some create business using them and some collect them for the retirement or other hard times to exchange for CASH.

Which side are You on?

Start Your adventure with Bitcoins now by picking a wallet type and use Your Bitcoin number in this surf.

*This server has some IP blocks on firewall for open proxies and spam sources based on whatsmyipaddress. The quality of traffic should be better than other rotators.

**This surf does not log Your IP in database. Bitcoin address and session data is used to maintain Your referral links and surf log, to properly display same faucet after some time passes. By logging in to surf You aknowledge and accept cookies policy for mentioned functions to work properly.
New Faucetbox, ePay and Paytoshi faucets added. (July 11th, 2015)

658 Active Faucets in Surf!
Working referral links, get people to claim Satoshi also for You!

ABFSurf Facts:

  • This is NOT a rotator. This is 100% REAL surf engine,
  • Always showing You faucets with HIGHEST MINIMUM REWARDS - NOT average,
  • Working referral links for EVERY Bitcoin number,
  • FAIR: Referral link has a ratio of 75% : 25% (You : Admin),
  • Automatically puts in Your Bitcoin ID on faucets (which support this feature),
  • Very customizable: sorting, custom faucets' referral links, blacklist warnings and more (see Settings),
  • LIVE Bitcoin VALUE data with additional US Dollar Cent to Satoshi and Satoshi to Cent ratios,
  • Anti Frame Breaking technology,
  • Pure javascript+php (no jquery!), powered by: nginx, Zend OPcache, memcache, MariaDB,
  • Your GPTchat downline WILL ALWAYS access this using Your reflink from members' area there,
  • Active Admin editting, sorting, adding, disabling and enabling faucets daily,
  • Need more info? Read on:
Start the surf with You BTC Wallet ID to see reflink. With Your reflink You have 75% chance for faucets to use Your own reflinks. All Your links can be customised in settings You will get access to after clicking a link on first page that appears. You can customise all reflinks for custom faucets and for centalised satoshi holders like Microwallet and Faucetbox.

Customisable faucet sorfing! By default Surf always displays Max minimum reward faucets FIRST with lowest revisit times and highest maximum rewards first if more than one have same reward. You have posiblity to rewerse orders of those 2 in 4 ways or enable RANDOM SORTING.

Surf records unique visits basing on Bitcoin Wallet ID and includes 4 buttons:
  • Next - proceed to next faucet,
  • Postpone - postpones faucet for 1-365 days (makes it not appear for that period of time - release in settings),
  • Settings - access settings after entering secret pass generated for Your BTC wallet ID,
  • Logout - logouts Your surf session.
So You need to click next, fill the faucet data to get Satoshi transfered, then click next and so on. If faucet has no funds then You can simply disable it from showing for 1-365 days by clicking Postpone button. To access settings and referral links click Settings button. In case of error press logout button and enter Your BTC again at login page.

Please input Your BitCoin address at the top of page to start surfing. By putting Your BitCoin address You simply log in to this surf, so it can be used without being logged in to GPTchat, as well as in other browser, on other computer, in different location.

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WARNING! Some faucets in this surf may contain some unpleasant advertising and other non-welcomed stuff (pop-ups etc). By default surf shows a red message as seen in one of screenshots, You can, however, toggle the message off or skip such faucets by changing one setting.

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*This surf does not log Your IP. Bitcoin address and session data is used to maintain Your referral links and faucet surfing log, to properly display same faucet after some time passes. By logging in to surf You aknowledge and accept cookies policy for mentioned functions to work properly.